We have different types of stables, mostly built out of blocks. Some are open onto yards for horses which like lots of fresh air and things to look at. Others are isolated for older, nervous horses or mares and foals which prefer quiet. We have passage way boxes which are under cover situated near the feed and tack room.


Front Yard Boxes

This is our front yard, horses can see people coming and going. They can also become accustomed to light traffic. Easy access to menage, outdoor and feed-room ect. Excellent and spacious boxes for any horse.

Indoor School

Indoor Floodlit School

Floodlit indoor school, sand and fibre surface. Our indoor has a full water system to avoid all dust. This is to help stop all horse/ponies getting breathing disorders due to indoor surfaces usually being dusty.

Floodlit Menage

Our outdoor surface is soft but yet firm, it has an anti slip surface suitable for show jumping as well as dressage. The menage has large floodlights and is bright enough to show jump on the darkest of evenings. The surface is made up of very small pieces of plastic mixed with silica sand and rubber.
This menage is large enough to build a full course of show jumps on and still has enough room for others to school their horses and ponies on. It is fully post and railed for your protection whilst riding.

Horse Walker

Floodlit Indoor Horse Walker

The horse walker is an ideal way to keep your horse fit and can also exercise it on those wet and cold nights as it is under cover. Currently 30 Mins are included per day with all our livery packages. Addtional time can be purchased.

Round Pen

Floodlit Monarch Round Pen

It is primarily used for free schooling rather than having the need for lunge lines pulling on one side of the horses mouth to make it steer. This area can also be used at quiet times for turn out whilst cleaning out.

Turnout Pen

All Year Round Turnout Paddock

An ideal place to turn out your horse whilst seeing to its stable.

Shower Room

The shower room is now fully fitted with a gas powered heated shower allowing variables of hot and cold water. Next to the shower room we have monarch stocks and a solarium. This is great for the drying of your horse on cold nights or you can use the heaters to groom under to keep you and your horse warm. The shower room is also a purpose built room for clipping as it has numerous power points and tying up rings complimented by perfect lighting.

Shower Room
Shower Room