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O.Elarda W

Stable Name: ELARDA
Passport name : O.ELARDA W
Breed: Hakney X Gelderlander X KWPN
Born: 1996
Colour: Liver Chestnut
Sire: Camebridge Cole
Dam: Elarda
Height: 16.1Hh

In 1974 Cambridge Cole got approved for the Hackney Studbook and a year later also for the DHHs. The DHH-people were hesitating about approving another hackney. Still there were some breeders who wanted to breed to this beautiful stallion. One foal out of Cambridge Coles first foal crop turned out to be the great foundation sire Renovo, the successor of Oregon.
Cambridge Cole had to show a complete collection in 1977. The judges inspected a group of foals, yearlings and two-year-olds. The owner almost planned to sell Cambridge Cole, because he only bred a few mares. The glorifying offspring report changed his mind. Excellent and uniform collection. Cambridge Coles offspring has a lot of quality and a good size. The trot is correct, open, powerful and shown with a lot of happiness. The two-year-olds have a lot of class, a wonderful coat and lots of quality in the legs. Their motion is lofty, elastic with a lot of balance.
Eight approved stallions were sired by Cambridge Cole. The number one sire Renovo, seven time National Champion Fine Harness, was one of them. In 1981 Cambridge Cole achieved the prestigious keur-predicate for his successful breeding-career. The beautiful hackney sired many horses that performed on the highest level in the show ring. Some famous examples are; Renovo, Alfred B, Vizier, Just in Time and Stormy. Here for he was rewarded in 1989 with the highest predicate an approved stallion can achieve. Since then Cambridge Cole belonged to the Hall of Fame of preferent stallions. Cambridge Cole died as a thirty-year-old in 2001.
The explanation for Cambridge Coles success in the DHH-breed is probably that he wasnt a 100% pure hackney. His grandmother Cambridge Starlight is the result of a cross between a thoroughbred and a Cleveland Bay.
O.ELARDA W Great grandsire on her dams side Renovo name means Renewer and he really lived up to his name. Renovo was presented on the stallion-selection in 1978. This was an historical moment in the DHH-breed, because the first get of Cambridge Cole was presented. The stallion-committee selected four Cambridge Cole-sons for the central test. Renovo was sublime on the final stallion-test. He scored a 9.5 (out of 10) on his performance in Fine Harness and was by far the best of his volume.
In 1980 Renovo showed a very impressive collection foals. The foal-report was glorifying.Renovo was a tremendous show horse. He participated nine times in the prestigious approved stallion class and was seven time National Champion. He was one time Reserve National Champion. Renovo was also very successful in the breed. He bred unmentionable many National Champions in hand and in fine harness. A remarkable high percentage of Renovo?s offspring (more than 20%) performed in the show-ring. Some famous show-horses were Apollo, Comeet, Constantijn, Coteusi, Democraat, Elrose, Icoon, Ina, Kroonvorstin and Roberto.
Renovo sired seventeen approved stallions and many excellent brood mares. Of all the mares 60% earned the ster-predicate and 40% of the ster-mares achieved the keur-predicate. In 1986 Renovo achieved the prestigious keur-predicate. Two years later he was honoured with the highest predicate preferent. The comments were: This DHH-stallion owes the awarded predicate to the fact that he significantly put a positive stamp.
The legendary King of the DHH-breed died in June 2000.


Cambridge Cole - (Sire)


Uriant - ( Grand Sire)

Great Grand Sire

Renovo - Great Grand Sire

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