Livery at Flight View Livery & Stud

Here at Flight View we try to offer livery to accommodate every horse and owner.

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We have several categories of livery:

DIY/Part Livery

This price is worked out individually for each horse/pony starting from as little as:

£38.50 per week per pony
£41.50 per week per horse.

This Includes:
• Box and Haylage
• Morning feeding or turnout to grass in summer.
• Full use of facilities (Horse Walker by separate arrangement) 7 days a week.

Additional Services for Part Livery:
You can choose when you want to have your horse looked after by us as we are totally flexible. All we ask is for 24Hrs notice. This works well if you are going away/working late ect.
What you can expect:
• Cleaning Out, Turning out in one of the all weather surface arenas to stretch legs, Checking water/filling water bucket in frozen weather, Making feeds, Filling nets, Bringing in from field(summer months), Checking Water, Night Time Feeding, Changing Rugs Ect.

This is charged as an additional £6 per day /£9 per day at weekends.

(Horses can be done with less than 24hrs notice but surcharge applies).

Bedding and feed can be purchased from us or from your own suppliers.

Full Livery

Like our part livery our full livery is worked out individually to suit all of your requirements. You are not required to attend to your horse/pony at all and can leave it completely in our care.
As a standard package full livery includes:

• Box and Haylage
• Bucket Feeds
• Muck Heap stacking and removal
• Shavings/Bedding
• Cleaning Out
• Rug changing
• Feeds Making
• Nets Filled
• Morning Feeding and turnout.
• Evening Feeding and Haylage
• Bringing in from the field (Summer Months)
•Checking water/filling water bucket in frozen weather
•Turning out in one of the indoor/outdoor arenas to stretch legs
•Full use of facilities 7 Days a Week including horse walker

Additional Services for Full Livery:
As an addition to full livery we can provide schooling, exercise, grooming, bathing, ect per day terms by arrangement.

All of our stables are fitted with automatic water drinkers’ hay racks and feed mangers. We ask liveries to use hay nets if you are not using the hay rack. Visit our facilities page to see pictures of our yard and facilities.

Please feel free to contact us about any aspects of Livery ect.

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Backing/Schooling/Competition/Sales and Stud Livery

For Stud livery please see here.

Sales livery is on terms by arrangement and £100 comission if horse/pony is sold for less than £999. If sold for over £1000 we charge 10% of Final Sale value of the horse. Breaking/schooling/Competition livery is on terms by arrangement